Rosa Parks


Tomorrow Night!!! February 3rd, 2017

We are seeking involvement of activists, family, friends, anti racists organizers, in a call to Action and a  powerful presentation on the newly released book, Deep Denial by David Billings giving insights into the history of white supremacy that dominates and controls our lives.  We must stand in solidarity. Please show up so we can show out with resistance to the current reality.
 6-8pm Feb 3rd the eve of Rosa Parks’ Birthday who demonstrated the power one to activate masses.
With Solidarity we will win.
Peace and Blessings

mama lila


Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute’s YEAR AT A GLANCE 2016

Here’s a look in pictures of what some of the activities and annual events look like 2016.

Speaking engagements, honors and recognitions as well as partnering, sponsoring and hosting.


Being honored and speaking at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.


Pathways to Freedom Camp with youth ages 11-17 and education on Water and Human Rights.


Pathways to Freedom Camp Life and Legacy of Rosa Parks education.


Pathways to Freedom youth Gardening Day with ARISE Detroit with education.


Pathways to Freedom learning and working the Fruit of Labor in the growing benefits of gardening.


Education, Pathways to Freedom and the United Nations in New York.