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Garden Day with Pathways to Freedom


Just earlier this month Pathways to Freedom Camp got underway!!

Day 1: August 1st, 2016

Pathways to Freedom Camp kicked off today with “Gardening Day.” The Student gathered to feed their souls before learning about tomatoes, gardening and entrepreneurship!

Here we get to know the students as introductions are being held.
2016-08-01 10.29.16  2016-08-01 09.46.15
Ms. Finney introduces the students to Roma and Better Boy tomatoes. Roma which have less seeds, are better used for sauces and Better Boy which have more seeds, are used for slicing and salads. We also have Joliet Tomatoes that were planted last year by 2015 Pathways students.
2016-08-01 11.33.22  2016-08-01 11.34.49  2016-08-01 12.01.07
Students start the processes for this years gardening with the planting of (pre-potted) tomatoes, transferred to the soil along with Some Collard Greens! YUMMY.
2016-08-01 11.44.10  2016-08-01 11.58.41
Some students get to taste the fruits of last years labor, in the garden.
Hands of all sizes learning to green thumbs a healthier eating habit!
2016-08-01 12.04.20
CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!!! For more pictures from our Gardening Days!!!

Rosa Parks Legacy continues. . .

The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development, the ONLY institute founded my Rosa Parks and Co- Founder Elaine Steele, still continues. Though small in size, we are mighty in the number of Volunteers and support we have through the many projects works we do.
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Come out and Volunteer, Donate, Support and get involved!

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